Sunday Nights @ Columba

7pm, first Sunday of each month.

On Sunday nights at St Columba, once a month, we gather for a short time of worship and reflection. It is a moment to make space in our week, to turn our attention to God.

The service is stripped-back and simple, and we invite you to come as you are: there is no dress code and no ‘mood code’. You might be tired, or excited, or grieving, or grateful. Bring it all with you and be yourself.

We light candles, listen to Scripture, and say prayers. We use material things like light, fruit, oil and wine to remind us of the sacredness of the physical world, and of spiritual truths. We read and learn from great thinkers of the past and present.

After the service, we fortify ourselves with 5 Senses coffee. =)

We hope Sunday nights @ Columba will be a time for you to rest and refresh your soul.